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     I own several rental properties. These cleaners handle all of the end of tenancy cleanings, and the places always look immaculate when they've finished with them. I would most definitely recommend their cleaning crew.
Anthony H.21/05/2020
      I urgent upholstery service in my new home. I searched online and I settled for Carpet Cleaners Purley, they came in and did a great job. Will be needed you in the near future!
     I work at home. There are people constantly tracking in and out of the house. No matter what I do to keep it clean, it still gets mucked up. The cleaner helps me with carpet cleaning on a regular basis. I am one happy home worker!
Janet Evans03/07/2019
     I really dislike doing chores and whenever I can, I try to bypass it. I recently came across Carpet Cleaners Purley and their cleaners' visits are now a staple in my weekly schedule. I no longer have to do any of the work, the do it all! Many thanks!
Fred R.31/05/2016
     Thank you to Purley Cleaning Company for being a bunch of absolute stars! Nothing seemed to faze their cleaners as they went about the cleaning with ease. I was mightily impressed with everything that took place and I can't give them enough praise or recommend them highly enough.
     I just can't believe the many ways in which PurleyCarpetCleaners have helped me! I needed to find a house cleaner who wouldn't judge me for the state my house always seemed to be in, and with three kids I have a pretty modest budget too. Luckily I got just what I was looking for with this company. My cleaner was really friendly and very professional too. She was clearly skilled and knew just the right techniques for all of those stubborn and problem areas of my home. Would recommend to anyone - definitely worth the money and haven't had any problems!

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